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Renting pallets and other handling assets is at the core of what we offer. For many customers it is the perfect service. For some customers itís also the basis upon which IPP Logipal can tailor the solution with some SMART add-ons to ensure that the service is delivered at the lowest possible cost or generates the lowest possible carbon footprint. Its where we begin add even more value for our customers.

IPP Logipalís SMART approach
By working together with large customers , IPP Logipal carefully analyses the customers supply chain to find ways to collaborate with customers and to suggest initiatives to reduce costs. In doing this IPP Logipal goes beyond traditional pallet rental. No surprise that our working together approach then flows through into easy and successful implementations.

Three SMART solutions IPP Logipal engineers
Here are three SMARTS that might help your business.


In-house depots

For some customers, setting up our depot activities on or very near to a customerís site, is an ideal solution that facilitates transport collaboration and reduces transport running, costs and carbon emissions.

Transport Collaboration

Goals such as reducing supply chain costs and CO2 emissions come into play where transport is concerned. We can work together with a customer to increase utilisation of its transport fleet (or even its outsourced or supplierís fleet) by delivering or collecting pallets using otherwiise excess or sub-optimal capacity. Its about creating value by having a collaborative mindset; and we have some great examples already of putting this into action.


An innovative paper pallet also usable as a display item that not only comes into its own in the last 50 meters of the FMCG supply chain but also has many benefits for export and in particular industries.

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