IPP Logipal plus

Dry pallets

Our new pallet specification includes set maximum moisture content and thereafter our normal pallets are naturally dried to an acceptable level for most of our customers. We are able to supply very dry pallets where a customer has a specific requirement.

Extra dry

If you process or product requires a specific low timber moisture content we are able to provide this by using specific drying processes..


Heat treated

If you plan to use our packaging to ship to and from certain countries they may require Heat Treatment in accordance with International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) which sets out the need to treat wooden packaging materials used to ship products between certain countries. IPP Logipal can supply ISPM15 treated pallets to your requirements.

Total care

Many of our customers operate in fast moving environments where their focus is on their customers, service, brands, innovation and pallets, whilst important, are not always at the front of mind. For these customers we offer a total care package that ensures that they have a named support manager who will monitor their pallet movements and transactions to ensure that everything is progressing well and that pallets are well administered.

Total care includes detailed regular reporting and review meetings and issue alert and resolution. In other words we do everything we can to make sure that providing and managing pallets within a supply chain does not detract from our customers focus on their own business.

For large customers Total care cuts in from the point of planning the transition to using IPP Logipal to make sure that the process is well managed and simple using our extensive experience.

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